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Motivation is the key to staying healthy

We all want to live a vibrant life – free of pain and stress. To reach and maintain this level of fitness both physically and mentally – takes effort and time, which all of us have. Some use their extra  time to watch TV – of which many of us are guilty at times – while others use their time more constructively.

There is a force that drives many people to strive to act or do do certain things. That force is called motivation or a strong desire. It’s a driving force within each of us that propels us towards taking action. What motivates you?

Can you be addicted to exercise?

There is such a thing as being an overly addictive person. Many have attained a level of addiction that propelled them to greatness, whereas the opposite is true in that addiction have taken many people to their graves.

Addiction drives us to do those things we love. This can be spending time with our families, reading, fishing, golfing( if you like being frustrated), or whatever.

To become motivated to exercise we need to make health and fitness our new an addiction. To do so we must re-train our minds to want it and to set aside time each day to accomplish it. In other words, we can learn to love being healthy.

To get up at 5:00 AM, five days per week, for an exercise session takes a certain mental change. It’s like craving that morning coffee or tea. If you don’t do it your day is not complete. You have to look forward to it each day. We must create a desire or motivation within ourselves to want it.

How to motivate yourself

Use the following tips to motivate yourself to a healthy and fit life:

First and foremost start by setting goals – something to aim for. Don’t set too many goals. Focus on one main goal at a time such as running for a half mile or lifting five pounds more than you did the last week. What will it take to accomplish this one goal?

Make a plan – Determine how much time you will dedicate to working out (average half hour when starting). Set aside a specific time period each day for that half hour – after work, after putting the kids to bed at night or getting up half hour earlier. After you have made you plan put it in a place where you will see it every day.

Track your progress – By following an exercise routine consistently – at least five days per week – it’s almost impossible not to make any progress. Start keeping track of the advances you make. After a month you will be amazed at the your physical improvement.

Remove obstacles – How many times have you planned to do something and never got around to it because other things go in the way? It happens to all of us. The key to making exercise a habit is to remove all excuses or delays that will cause  you not to follow through.

Get educate – Do you know what a met value is? Or how much energy it takes to burn off one pound of fat? Take some time to learn the nuances of various exercises and how each one will impact your health and fitness.

Get a coach on your team of one – I remember the first time I went to a gym. It seems like everyone knew what they were doing and I was the only one who had no clue. After a short while I started working out with a group of people like myself . We made progress by learning from each other.

If you are intimidated by crowded and noisy gyms then get a personal trainer – virtual or visiting – who can guide your progress.

Get a workout partner – A work partner can be like you own personal coach. They can be your best friend or a family member or just someone like yourself who wants to better their health. You will make more progress with one than without.

Reward yourself – It’s important to acknowledge all the hard work you put in to make physical gains . . . so give yourself a reward – buy some new workout gloves or new sneakers or have a few scoops of your favorite ice cream . . . occasionally. Give yourself something to work towards.

Do you have any family members or friends who are sick? Do you want to be like them? I have and it motivates me to want to be fit.

Progress principle We must learn how to harness the power of progress to push us forward. Remember the last time you were successful at learning something, or ‘getting the hang of it’. Didn’t it make you feel good and want to do it again? It can be a sport, a strategy, sex or whatever. Once you begin to notice improvement it will cause you to want more. This is easy with exercising because you will notice progress fairly quickly.

Motivation can lead to negative or positive results. Learn to use it to propel you toward a life of health and fitness.

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