Attention All Pre-diabetics or Borderline Diabetics!

You can prevent pre-diabetes – even with a family history of diabetes

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Are you destined to develop pre-diabetes?

‘I will probably develop diabetes since it runs in my family’. That was my thinking for years and I was almost convinced that I was destined to a life of dependency on the medical and pharmaceutical industry . . .  if I wanted to live a somewhat normal life. I put off taking action, however, because I thought pre-diabetes and diabetes only happens to older people and I had time to live my life before having to worry about it.

You see, my mother was diabetic, my sister is pre-diabetic, and I have several other close relatives who are diabetic as well. As a consequence of their condition they are suffering many of its complications – including kidney dialysis, blindness, neuropathy and heart ailments.

Sad to say, I lost my mother as well as other members of my family to this disease. It didn’t have to happen.

I remember visiting an old family friend in the hospital with my uncle, after this person had his second leg amputated. Although he tried to put on a brave face I could tell he was going through a lot of mental anguish. He was a pastor at one of the local churches and lived a fairly clean life – no alcohol or tobacco and his wife cooked him a robust meal every day. Little did he realize he would be wheelchair bound one day.

One of my good friends and coworker was a basketball diabetic-foot-ulcersplayer in college. He played for his college team. When we started working together he had been out of college a few years and wasn’t as active as he use to be. He had gained extra weight and we were working in a stressful environment.

Little did he know that he had a serious battle on his hands. One day he stepped on a sharp thumbtack in the office and didn’t realize it until someone pointed it out to him. Over the next few months he lost that toe and eventually most of his leg. This is no disease to play around with. This was also the last straw for me.

All these things were a wake up call for me.

My name is Owen Lecky and this is how I gained control of my health by preventing pre-diabetes.

I took it upon myself to not succumb to this disease by learning as much as I could about it – What is it? How does one get it? Who does it affect? and, more importantly – What is the best way to prevent it from happening to me?

My research revealed that if I adhered to a certain lifestyle I wouldn’t have to become a victim of this disease. After seeing what diabetes did, and continues to do to my family and friends today, I decided to take action.

Image result for pre-diabetesThe first thing I did was to assess my eating habits. At the time I was working at a sedentary desk job and eating the typical American diet – coffee and a bagel for breakfast, burger and fries at lunch and a fizzy drink to wash it down. If it wasn’t that then it was two slices of pizza and a fizzy drink. One of my favorite snacks, then, was a couple packs of Hostess Twinkies and bowl of vanilla ice cream.

I was also a smoker . . .  puffing a pack a day. After work I would have a few beers and probably another burger or a plate of pasta with meat sauce.

The only activity I got was running to catch the train before and after work.

Needless to say my weight ballooned up to around 200 pounds on an ectomorph frame.

You are not destined to become pre-diabetic . . .

This disease gives us warning messages or clues before it begins to take over our lives  . . . just like your car gives you a ‘Service Engine Soon’ signal.Image result for health and fitness images

Do you know what these warning messages are? You may be experiencing them right now and not even realize it.

For example, are you peeing more than usual? or are your experiencing blurry vision?

Once you know the things to look out for, you can better fight the daily battle to prevent pre-diabetes . . . and win.

You must have the right weapons in your arsenal when you declare war on this enemy. With them you can prevent and defeat pre-diabetes and early stage diabetes. You can also control full-blown diabetes with these same weapons.

These weapons are knowledge and action.

I call them weapons because preventing pre-diabetes is a war that’s fought daily against an enemy who doesn’t fight fairly. He will use every tactic to defeat you, even your own family who you think would have your best interest at heart. They are not intentionally sabotaging you but this is how the enemy beguiles you.

Know your adversaries, so you can monitor them

***Sugar *** is the enemy’s number one weapon and this is where knowledge comes. It is ubiquitous – it’s in most of the products you eat. And it is vitally important that you recognize it because it comes under different names.

For example, it’s a birthday party for your young son and your wife goes out of her way to get the biggest and nicest ice cream cake with his name and age written in big, blue letters. You indulge by having a man size portion. After all . . . . it’s your son.

The cake then goes in the freezer and every time you open that door it’s there tempting you. If you are like most people you will indulge until there is one last piece left that nobody wants. Instead of tossing it, you declare ‘why let a good thing go to waste’ and polish it off. This is how the enemy fights. How many types of sugars did you have from this innocent indulgence?

Or how about having a burger and fries. By adding catsup you are you are adding excess sugar to your meal. And the worse kind – high fructose corn syrup.

Knowing the temptations or tactics of the enemy you can take calculated actions to fight this disease.

The second enemy is inactivity. It creeps up on you – especially as you get older. Maybe it’s your job that takes up most of your free time or an illness that’s causing you not to be active as you once were. Stress and a lack of sleep are also factors that can cause you to become sedentary. Whatever your reason for lack of activity it’s time to assess your life. Make the necessary changes now to become more active for improved health and fitness.

This is what I did . . .

I had to do something to lose the unwanted weight and in the process prevent pre-diabetes.

diabetic-diet-2I adjusted my diet using a think and eat strategy. Before I put anything in my mouth I assess whether it will promote health or lead to unwanted problems. I would advise you to do the same. Learn the effect certain foods will have on your sugar levels and avoid them like your life depends on it – because it literally does. This is your first line of defense against the enemy.

I also decided to join a gym and learn to take better care of my body with exercises to improve my respiration and overall physical fitness.

After many years of exercising I have developed a set of workouts that’s focused on preventing pre-diabetes by lowering your blood glucose level and keeping it in the normal range . . . without medications.

I believe these workouts were instrumental in helping me the most in the war on this disease because, as I had mentioned earlier, my previous inactive/sedentary lifestyle was a sure path to diabetes.

I became so totally committed to changing my lifestyle that I went back to school and became a personal trainer with the goal of teaching others how they also can prevent pre-diabetes by making certain changes in their daily lives.

I am so convinced that I can help others defeat this disease that I wrote a book about it and would like to share what I have learned and how you can benefit from my experience. I am offering it at an introductory price of $9.95. (see ordering instructions at the bottom of this page)

 In spite of my family history and my previous lifestyle, I can safely say that I dodged a major health crisis by preventing pre-diabetes.Image result for pre-diabetes

Based on my medical check-ups over that last few years my A1c has been in the normal range and I have no indications of any complications from diabetes. My vision is clear, nerves are firing on all cylinders and my kidneys are normal. My blood lipids counts measure in the normal range.

I implore you – don’t let this disease take a foothold in your lives. The consequences are too great. You can easily take control when you understand what to do.

Learn how you can prevent pre-diabetes from happening to you . . . and in the process get in the best shape of your life by getting a copy of this book today. It’s not difficult if you follow a few simple steps.

Some of the things you’ll get from the book are:

  • How to get and stay motivated – this is very important especially in the first three weeks of starting the program
  • How to avoid injuries
  • Various types workout plans
  • How to calculate your target heart rate and why you need to do this
  • The best types of exercises to lose unwanted weight
  • What are the risk factors for pre-diabetes?
  • Types of test to determine if you have pre-diabetes
  • Do you know what hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are? You must know the symptoms. I’ll explain
  • and much more . . .

Metformin, and other glucose lowering drugs, does not have to be a way of life. These are just masking or putting a Band-Aid on the problem. Don’t leave your future health to chance. Put the odds in your favor by taking action now.

Defeat pre-diabetes by learning the facts about it and what actions you must take.

Get your copy by going here now.

Sincerely Yours,

Owen Lecky

P.S.  Why not take control of your life right now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and yesterday is gone. Do it now and you will be on your way to a new you within hours. Join me now and you won’t look back.

P.P.S. Contact me and let me know how you are progressing and what tweaks I can help you with.

To order – click on the purchase button. Then click the checkout button. Enter requested information then click on the name of the book (How to Prevent Pre-diabetes).

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