Pre-diabetes is a condition where your blood sugar goes higher than normal but is not  high enough for a long period to be considered diabetes. It’s a major concern in the US and it is estimated that there are 86,000,000 million people with it. The scary thing about this statistic is that most of the people with pre-diabetes don’t even know they have it.

I am a personal trainer whose family has been ravished by diabetes. I have taken a special interest in this field because what’s happening to them could have been prevented or delayed with some basic life hacks.

Why this disease is affecting so many of my friends and family and not others . . . even in the same family, has intrigued me?

From my own studies and observations, it’s plain to see that pre-diabetes and diabetes is the result of several things including – poor diet, being overweight or obese, lack of activity, lack of proper rest, stress and belonging to certain ethnic groups – to name a few.

Although family history plays a big role in those developing diabetes, the impact it has can be delayed by lifestyle changes that’s put into practice immediately . . . especially if you have been recently diagnosed or are in the pre-diabetes stage.

Diabetes is a serious disease that if not addressed early will lead to major complications. It will cause blindness, amputation, kidney dialysis  and sexual dysfunction among other things. You probably know someone right now who is affected by this disease.



I have included the above videos to highlight the fact that this disease can be reversed or even prevented.

The people seen in the videos are medical professionals who treat or take diabetes very seriously. They see the dark side of it regularly and have taken a special interest in dealing with it in their practices.

I have been following the advice they advocate for years . . . with positive results. I lost my dear mother to diabetes and my sister was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic.

I have remained disease free. I attribute it to proper dieting and following an exercise program that helps me maintain a balanced blood sugar level. It also keeps me fit at the same time.

My sister has been following the same program, as well as countless others, with similar results. She is no longer on medications and is able to live a normal life free from the worry of potential diabetic complications.

If you are susceptible to developing diabetes or have been diagnosed as having pre-diabetes then I implore you to take action now.

If you suspect that you are developing any of the symptoms of diabetes, visit with your health care provider for an examination and get their medical advice. The longer you delay taking action the worse your condition will become and the more difficult it will be to treat.

Visit How to Prevent Pre-diabetes for more information on starting an activity program to get fit and help you prevent pre-diabetes and the early onset of full blown diabetes.

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