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Reduce you risk of pre-diabetes by nearly 40%

One food source that many of us neglect to add to our diet is nuts. Sure you will grab a bag of peanuts once in awhile but making them a part of your daily diet is the best way to get the full benefits that a variety of nuts has to offer. They have been to shown to be effective in reducing the risk of many diseases including diabetes.

Remember the goal of treating pre-diabetes and diabetes is to normalize your blood sugar levels and improve the health of your heart.

In a new research, conducted in part by researcher, Dagfinn Aune, MD of Imperial College London, he concluded that eating a variety nuts each day can help to keep your glucose level in the normal range and reduce your the risk of diabetes by nearly 40 %.

Nuts supplies our bodies with a number of beneficial nutrients to help energize us through our day. They are “high in protein, fiber, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, as well as some vitamins and minerals,” according to Aune. “Some nuts like, walnuts and pecans as well as sunflower seeds, are high in antioxidants and phytochemicals.”

Best nuts to reduce your risk of pre-diabetes

For the best results replace empty calories from refined carbs with tree nuts. Tree nuts include cashews, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, pecans, pistachios, macadamias and hazel nuts. Although peanuts are considered to be nuts – because we extract them from a shell and dig them from the ground – they are in-fact legumes (extracted from a pod or a pea plant).

Another study led by Dr John Sievenpiper from St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, notes that  ‘Tree nuts are another way people can maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the context of a healthy dietary pattern.’

Nuts are a part of my daily diet. I try to get a variety of them each day along with fresh fruits and veggies. My go to nuts are cashews, pumpkin seeds and almonds which can be tough on teeth and gums. However the benefits far outweigh the hardships of eating them.

When I feel the need for a bag of chips or a can of fizzy drink I reach for a handful of nuts and wash it down with a cool drink of water.

Don’t let dental issues stop you from eating nuts

For those who wear denture or have issues with their teeth and gums there are ways to enjoy eating nuts without causing much chewing difficulties.

The number one way to have nuts for denture wearers is to grind them in a blender to make a spreadable paste. Combine them with raisins or blueberries for a delicious spread on whole wheat crackers.

Or in your down time – make your own chewy snack from ground nuts and fruits with a touch of honey.

Don’t forget that nuts can also be part of your cooked meals. Many oriental dishes include nuts as part of the ingredients.

Don’t eat nuts wrapped in a blanket of sugar such as chocolate bars or candy coat such as peanut brittle. Candy manufacturers are carrying on the healthy tradition of eating nuts by making it more pleasant to the palate. Avoid the sugar by eating them in their natural state.

N.B. Visit with your doctor to determine if you have any allergic reaction to certain nuts. They can run test to find out which nuts you may be allergic to and which one are safe to eat.

Eating nuts is another weapon in your fight to reduce the risks of developing pre-diabetes and diabetes. Use it as often as is necessary.

Take control by learning the facts about pre-diabetes. As I have stated many times in previous posts – over 50 % of pre-diabetics will end up as full-blown diabetics. Don’t become a statistic. Visit How to Prevent Pre-diabetes for more information.

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