I believe in the benefits of physical exercise to prevent pre-diabetes and many other health issues that affect our society today. One of the weakness in the medical profession is giving a patient suffering from certain illness medication that can be easily cured with physical activity.

Instead of prescribing medication and pandering to Big Pharma’s marketing tactics more doctors should be counseling their patients on how activity can cure many ailments.

The following article by CNN offer more details.

Exercise: It’s what the doctor ordered

(CNN)On Friday, Weill Cornell Medical College offered a seminar to its second-year medical students, one that’s been offered only once before.

The focus wasn’t cutting-edge pharmacology or modern microbiology but instead, five lecturers exploring different facets of a single topic: “Prescribing the Medicine of Exercise.”
This isn’t as typical as you might think. More than half of the physicians trained in the United States receive no formal education in physical activity, according to a 2015 study. The study authors discovered that most medical colleges do not offer physical activity-related courses, and the rare exceptions are often electives.
The Weill Cornell seminar, a required class for students, is co-directed by Dr. Jordan Metzl and Dr. Marci Goolsby, both sports medicine physicians at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York with faculty appointments at Cornell. The seminar teaches medical students how to counsel their patients to exercise, one of the most effective forms of preventive medicine.
“Conceptually, since Hippocrates on down — which is a number of years! — medicine has largely been focused on treating illness after it happens,” Metzl said. “We spend literally trillions of dollars on treating issues that oftentimes are preventable.”
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