I wrote the following post in Dec  2013. If you want to prevent pre-diabetes start doing this.

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Prevent Pre-diabetes by using this tip to . . . control blood sugar without medicine’

This is a topic that needs to be repeated constantly since the whole idea of exercise is lost without it.  In this post I’ll discuss the concept of interval training and the benefits you get from exercise when you make it a part of your daily exercise routines.

The key to doing intervals is increased intensity.

The fastest way to lose weight . . . and control blood sugar without medicine

Next time you watch your favorite sporting event pay close attention to how the athletes move . . . there is a burst of speed followed by a short  rest period. This is done for about an hour or as long as the game last. Watch a game of – soccer, volleyball, basketball or a sprinter when he or she trains, and you will notice this rapid acceleration and then a momentary slowing down. They are all doing some form of interval training.

You’ll also notice that, with the exception of sumo wrestlers and golfers, there are not too many fat/obese athletes, and believe me a sumo wrestler has to work hard to maintain his weight.

The fastest and most effective way to lose weight is to ramp up the intensity of your exercise. This holds true for both cardio as well as resistance type exercise routines.

When we train, whether for a sporting event or just to maintain our health, we should copy the serious athletes. They are able to build-up endurance and, as a result, improve their performance, boost human growth hormone (HGH) production and have a healthier life over the longer period. All this from pumping up the intensity.

Say ‘no’ to steady pace exercise routines

So many times I have seen people exercising and they don’t even break a sweat. Granted some perspire more than others, however with the exception of those with glandular problems, I expect to see some wetness on the body after exercising for half an hour . . . and not from the water bottle spilling on your clothes.

Exercising at a steady pace for 30 to 45 minutes while talking to the person next to you, or on the phone, is a complete waste of time. You are better off mowing the lawn or having sex.

To get the most out of an exercise program you will need to increase the intensity. As a personal trainer and someone who exercises regularly, I have had the best results from following a method of exercising  called interval training. I teach this to my coaching clients with much success.

What are intervals

Interval training is a type of technique that calls for maximum effort for a short period of time followed by rest or recovery at a slower pace, done over a set amount of time. For example, I do intervals three days per week at 25 minutes each session. Two of those minutes are for warming up and two for cooling down. Immediately after warming up I push myself to my maximum intensity for one minute. This is followed by two minutes of rest at a lower intensity.

During the max exertion period it will be difficult to have a conversation because you are using so much energy. You should be gasping for air at the end of these short bursts.

Make sure to pack your towel because after one of these sessions you should be dripping with sweat.

Interval training and diabetics

If you want to know how to control blood sugar without medicine then start practicing this type of training.

How does it help diabetics? Glad you asked.

  • By pushing yourself hard with intervals two to three times per week you are making your body work more efficiently.  You will begin using up the excess glucose circulating in your blood stream.
  • You are  making better use of insulin and leptin hormones which, in addition to insulin, helps to keep your blood sugar level normal. As discussed in a previous post, these hormones are involved in processing glucose. They work together to control our appetite and fat storage . . . and help regulate the amount of energy we have available for use. High intensity interval training (HIIT) makes these hormones become more sensitive to your body’s needs.
  • Intervals requires a shorter period of time to complete than the slow steady pace exercises.
  • It will boost weight loss and promote the production of human growth hormone (HGH) while improving your strength and stamina.
  • Your sex life will improve, you will have more energy,
  • The aging process will slow down and you will improve your muscle tone.

Wow. Is there a pill for that? Unfortunately no, but the good news is that you won’t have to pay anything to get all these benefits. Just simply start practicing this type of training and in no time you will begin to notice the changes mentioned above.

Use the following guidelines when doing interval training:

  • Before you undertake any physical activity it is very important to consult with your healthcare provider. They will give you clearance to exercise.
  • If you have been in a sedentary state for a while you will need to start intervals slowly and build up to approximately 90 % of your maximum heart rate.
  • Don’t do these more than three times per week. For the other days you can exercise at a normal rate of speed.

How do you control blood sugar without medicine?

You have just found the best way to do it.

As mentioned, intervals can be used for resistance type exercises also. We’ll discuss these in a later post.

See study references here.

To your best health,

Owen Lecky

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