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Sudden weight gain is one of the symptoms of pre-diabetes. The best way to reverse this symptoms and prevent pre-diabetes from affecting you is to lose the excess weight through exercising and diet.

Unfortunately many of us have trouble putting quality weight back on – which is going to happen – after losing an excessive amount of weight. This is due mainly to improper dieting and being satisfied with the activity that got you there. Also, there was no accountability.

After losing weight we need to maintain that weight loss. And we need to replace that loss with quality weight in the right places – not the belly or thighs – to improve your physical fitness and give your body a more healthful appearance.

I am sure many of you have seen at least one episode of the Biggest Loser. The unfortunate truth for many of the contestants is that – whatever weight was lost was regained and then some. You see, while participating in the contest they were accountable to their trainers who in turn were beholding to the shows’ producers and ratings, however when they went back to their home-life they reverted to their old lifestyle. It’s OK to regain some weight but it has to be quality weight.

Do a life-style change to how to regain quality weight

Use the following guide to regain and maintain proper weight:

Keep a food journal – This is very important. It allows your to monitor your daily food intake for a period of time. A dietician can be helpful in setting up a proper meal plan with specific foods to eat and when to eat.

You should know the value of foods you consume, and how to supply your body with needed energy from eating proper foods.

Reduce the stressors in your life that causes you to turn to crutches like food for comfort.

Keep your pantry free of foods that will lead to eating excessive empty calories. I believe that having one cheat day per week is a reasonable reward for dedication during the other six days. It doesn’t mean taking things to maximum but allowing yourself a few cheats foods.

Get plenty of quality rest – even taking a nap during the day . . . if you need to.

Also . . .

You can gain good weight with a proper workout plan

Just as important as all of the above is to maintain the activity level that helped you lose the excess weight. However to reshape your body and regain healthy weight, while improving your fitness, you will have to build on what got you there. If running for 30 minutes five days per week was your cardio of choice – aim to cut that amount to 15 minutes by increasing the intensity and doing other types of fat burning activity . . . like HIIT workouts.

Doing resistance exercises with weights, resistance bands, or body weights, consistently will keep your muscles and bones strong as you age.  Don’t neglect this form of exercising.

Get a buddy or workout partner who has similar goals as yourself. You will both keep each other motivated to stay focused and work hard.

Have a plan for each days workout. If you approach your routines haphazardly you could be sabotaging your progress because you won’t have a smooth transition from one routine to the next. Know in advance what you will be doing during each session and cut out the guess-work.

Get a trainer – even if it’s only for a short time. They can demonstrate the proper form and give you tips for the best results.

Start working on specific muscle groups by doing compound exercises. For example, instead of isolating the tricep muscles with ‘french curls’, do a complete chest routine which affects not only your pectoral muscles but arms, including triceps, and shoulders.

Congratulation on your weight loss, however do expect to gain some weight back. By following the steps outline above you won’t increase your waist size just improve your wardrobe to go along with your new fit body.

Go to How to Prevent Pre-diabetes for more information on how to reverse pre-diabetes with targeted exercises.

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