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For quality of life that will last for years to come we must all adopt the exercise habit. It not only slows the progression of aging and help prevent diseases like pre-diabetes and diabetes, but fights cancer and heart disease, increases bone density, improves brain function, and makes us look and feel younger. I am sure you have family or friends who look years younger than they actually are. There maybe some genetics involved but the secret to looking younger and having more vitality is to be active.

Science is now able to prove that by increasing our daily activity we can lengthen our life span by as much as seven to nine years. Imagine doing something as simple as 30 minutes of exercises five days per week will improve your chances of seeing two more presidential elections or seeing your grandchildren grow up.

How does the exercise habit make us live longer?

Our bodies start aging at the cell level. The more active we are the less our cells age due to the shortening of markers at the end of each strand of chromosome in the cell. As the cell ages or replicates these markers get shorter. However, starting the exercise habit slows this process. We can slow this shortening even more the if we increase the intensity of our workouts.

For those of you who are inactive this shortening is accelerated . . . making you look older than your true age.

What can you do now to increase your life span?

Before starting any fitness program be sure to visit with your healthcare provider for a physical assessment. And let them know your intentions. 

If you are starting an exercises program for the first time it’s best to get a personal trainer who can take your vital stats  – waist measurements, weight, height, body composition, how far you can stretch as well as other information. They can then establish a baseline fitness program that you can build on over time . . . keeping in mind the basics of a workout routine – flexibility, cardio-respiratory and strength training.

To compliment your fitness routine you will also need to give your body proper rest and recovery, including at least seven hours of sleep each night. During your recovery period you should nourish your body with a healthy meal at least three times per day.

I like to practice meditation in the morning and before I go to bed at nights. This help me to deal with the stressors of daily life. Download at night before bedtime and start your day in a calm manner.

Intermittent fasting has become a popular way to consume our meals. It has helped me maintain my weight for many years. This is basically how our early ancestors ate. There was no supermarket or corner store in which shop for food after work. Fasting mimics their way of eating.

Get a workout partner. This is crucial.

The exercise habit is not difficult to start but can be a challenge to maintain. It’s important to set doable goals such as walking a mile before jogging or jogging before running . . . and be consistent.

Doing a workout for a month and thinking this is enough to stay fit is not going to cut it. This has to be a life-long endeavor. Ramp up the intensity over time and your energy level will soar.

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