Stretching is an important part of any exercise program and should be done consistently before and after doing most exercises. It should focus on the main muscle groups and should last no more than five to eight minutes.

A good way to start a stretching routine is to begin from your neck and work down to your calf muscles . . . . this way you are sure to hit all your major muscles.

For each muscle group there are many types of stretches.  Do those that you are comfortable with – it should not be painful or cause long-term discomfort. A good form of organized flexibility program is doing yoga or Tai Chi.

Stretching will enhance your range of motion, help in preventing injuries, improve your balance and increase blood flow. This is very important if you want to prevent pre-diabetes. It can be a way to relieve cramps you might get from sitting in one position for a long time, such as long distance driving or sitting in front of the old boob tube.

In addition to stretching you must start a calories burning program and the following article highlights some basics.

Make These 3 Changes, Burn More Calories

Exercise is essential when it comes to dropping pounds. So if you’re eager to lose the weight, then here are three everyday changes that will help increase your calorie burn.


P.S.  If you haven’t been exercising for a while go slow at first. You may even need to get your doctors clearance. Once you are committed to get fit seek out  a facility  that has a trainer on staff who can demonstrate the proper usage of exercise equipment.

P.P.S.  A good place to start is by getting a copy of How to Prevent Pre-diabetes where you will find a program specifically geared to those who want to get fit safely and on a timely basis.

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