How to use exercise to prevent pre-diabetes

During the Thanksgiving holiday I enjoy reuniting with family I haven’t seen all year. We get together and reminiscence about old times. We also get to see how each other have changed over the years.

Because many members of my family are diabetic I see firsthand the ravishes this disease has done to them over the years. These are friends and family who were healthy in their younger years but are now on several types of medication for various complications- kidney transplant, poor vision and neuropathy.

We also remember the ones we lost to this disease. If they could have gotten a glimpse of their current situation they would have lived their lives differently back them.

The fortunate things with diabetes is that if the disease has not gotten completely out of control there is hope for improving your health by making some changes right NOW.

If you are in the pre-diabetic stage your chances are even better to reverse the condition and have a long and healthy life.

Pre-diabetes continues to grow at an alarming rate. If you have any of the risk factors for diabetes and are noticing any of the symptoms for pre-diabetes, take the initiative to do something now.

The three most important things you can do starting now is (1) meet with your doctor to discuss how you can prevent pre-diabetes from advancing to full-blown diabetes, (2) change your diet to a healthier one and (3) start a consistent activity program.

As a personal trainer, I believe that with the right exercise program in place we can make great strides to improve our health with minimal or no medication.

How are you currently getting your daily dose of activity? One of the early symptoms of pre-diabetes is fatigue and periodic malaise. Exercise is the last thing you might want to hear about. But if you had an easy workout program that you can do in thirty minutes or less . . . wouldn’t it be worth it to sign up?

I believe that with the right instructions and guidance exercising doesn’t have to be a drudgery but can be a fun thing that you look forward to each day especially when you can see real progress being made.

The holidays are the worst times to start any new fitness routine and, for many, dieting during these times is very difficult.

It will take a certain amount of discipline to say no to that extra piece of pie with ice cream on top but the consequences of diabetes are too great.

To prevent pre-diabetes is not difficult with the right encouragement and that’s what I’ll be doing for you as an online personal trainer.

Visit How to Prevent Pre-diabetes to get targeted exercises to improve your circulation and build muscles at the same time.

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