I believe doing even ten minutes of continuous exercise, such as running, swimming or biking, is beneficial to your health if you include intervals during that time. There are those among us who can’t find even that amount of time to exercise   . . . . hence the three minute intense exercise with minimal or no rest. It’s important  to ramp up the intensity so that you are elevating your heart rate and, hopefully, even breaking  a sweat.

This form of training should only be a stop gap and not a way of life. It’s important to make time each day to do some form of focused activity that will promote long-term health and fitness.

The following post elaborates more about . . . .

Three minutes of intense exercise a week can improve heart health

P.S.  I have been doing interval training for the past few years, and can directly attribute it that fact that my weight has varied by only three pounds during this time. Get more information on intervals here.

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