I am a fan of Don Saladino and in the following article he cuts to bare facts as to basics of losing weight.

In today’s stressful society one of the major things we neglect is sleep. I have often been guilty of this in the past however, I now strive for a more restful day by doing such things a meditation and appreciating life more. Don points out that the lack of sleep “causes your hormone function to become out of whack”.

Your body need rest to recover from the stressors of the day but it is also important to eat right and exercise and Don explains further in . . . .

What’s the Best Way to Lose Weight?


I’m just going to get right to the point here. It’s time we realize that developing an incredible physique or just losing fat comes down to following three basic principles.

Principle One: Diet (Or you can call it nutrition. Diet just sounds like a bad four-letter word)

We need to let go of the notion that eating frequently is going to cause us to gain weight. It is only when we are frequently eating the wrong foods that you will notice weight gain. By establishing some simple rules in your everyday life you will be able allow yourself life’s simple pleasures — without giving them up.

I want you to look at your eating in a seven-day span — and start to follow an 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the week, you’re going to stick to what I’m telling you to do. And the remaining 20 percent, I want you to live your life and enjoy.

I need you to think of your metabolism as a roaring fire — when that fire is roaring, we can throw big logs onto it (cheat meals) which will get burned up. Now, how do we get this fire roaring? We do so by feeding it small meals throughout the day. All of these meals have to be nutritious and beneficial to the human body. Yes, we need protein. Yes, we need vegetables. And yes, we do need some carbohydrates and healthy fats. I do not believe in a no-carbohydrate diet. Carbohydrates give your body fuel and specific fiber and nutrients that your body needs for healthy digestion etc. I do not believe in a no-fat diet. Fats are used for energy also, but good fats are also needed to help burn fat. There are also many valuable components in these fats which are good for overall health and vitality, but that is for another day.

Principle Two: Exercise

I’m not saying you have to go out and become Joe Weider; but you do need to, at the very least, start putting in anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes a day of some good activity where you actually break a sweat. By incorporating resistance training, you will start adding muscle to your body, which will burn more energy (calories). Cardiovascular training is also a good contributor, and doing things like taking the stairs and going for walks after dinner are great additions as well.

Principle Three: Rest

This is the most overlooked principle — and I cannot stress this enough — rest. People just do not sleep enough. When you’re not resting enough, it causes your hormone function to become out of whack. This in turn, can do things like speed up your aging process as well as contribute to weight gain and overall stress to the human body. There are so many different studies out there recommending how much sleep we should bet getting per night and I find it sits anywhere between seven and nine hours. So let’s say at the very minimum, keep it at seven hours.

There you have it. These are three basic principles. Could I add more to the list? Yes. Am I going to? No. Health and wellness is about succeeding. Be successful with this. Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you’re new to this, start with baby steps. And even if you are advanced or consider yourself an expert, trust me when I say, there is something we can find in one of those three principles that can be improved. Best of luck until next week!

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P.S.  I was in the gym recently and I couldn’t help but notice how crowded it was because of the new members who are resolving to lose weight and get healthy. I applaud all these folks and encourage them to continue even when they are not ‘feeling it’.

P.P.S.  Visit How to Prevent Pre-diabetes for information on exercising properly to prevent pre-diabetes.

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