Pre-diabetes can lead to blindness if it’s not stopped

Pre-diabetes if left untreated will eventually lead to  difficulties with your vision. If you’ve been diagnosed with this pre-condition then now is the time to make life-style changes so you won’t have to use a magnifying glass to read or sit closer to the TV later.

Your eyes are the windows to the world. Unfortunately those windows get dusty as we age especially those approaching the age of forty, but for people with pre-diabetes this process is accelerated. This is because your body is now becoming insulin resistant.

Excess sugar in your blood stream that results from insulin resistance is reeking havoc on the walls of your blood vessels . . . . down to the capillaries (tiny blood vessels supplying nourishment to the cells of our bodies).

Capillaries supplying our eyes will become blocked – shutting off the natural supply of oxygen. If this continues you will develop serious vision problems.

Take action now to prevent ‘diabetic eyes’

To prevent these potential problems from happening to you it’s important to take action now. You will need to consult with your healthcare provider who can assess your condition and make the necessary recommendations to reverse the root cause – high blood sugars.

They will initially do the certain tests such as glucose tolerance and A1c and review your family history. It’s important to be as candid as possible.  If you smoke or do any drugs – whether prescribed or not – then let them know. This will allow them to start building an accurate history of your condition.

Of course, they’ll review your current diet and activity level since these can be major contributors to pre-diabetes. If you are overweight you will need to lose weight. (I’ll talk about this later.) Depending on your condition they may even put you on certain medication such as Metformin to help lower insulin resistance.

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If your condition is not as severe then consider yourself fortunate. This is your wake up call. Since your eyes are the windows to the world you’ll want to protect them as best as possible. To do this you will need to learn how to eat again. This time around, however you will putting the proper foods in your body to heal and fuel it. A good nutritionist can guide you with this. They can advise you how, when and what to eat and still keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range throughout the day.

Next you will need a personal trainer who can guide you through certain exercises to improve your circulation, respiration and strengthen your muscles. As your circulation gets better you will begin to flush the sugars from your blood stream and . . . . improved respiration will supply the proper nourishment to your eyes. In time your vision will become clearer and stronger.

Pre-diabetes does not have to lead to full-blown diabetes. I can look to my immediate family as an example of this. You see my sister developed pre-diabetes but was able to reverse the condition by adopting a good diet and  exercise program – six days per week. Once in a while she will slip on her diet – we are all human – and her glucose levels would go up but in general she is now able to control it. You can do the same.


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