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Here are eight effective ways to lose the belly fat in the shortest amount of time without starving yourself or using any fancy diet. And no hardcore exercises at the gym. No gimicky, fixes like you see advertised on TV, but tried and proven methods you can put into practice . . . starting today.

When I am training any new clients, my first advice is for them is to set long-term goals. Losing noticeable belly fat is not going to happen in two weeks or even a month but can happen in two to three months by consistently following proven steps. And you’ve heard it enough but I’ll repeat: we really can’t spot reduce – for example, targeting the spare tire around your waist or those jiggly thighs. It requires doing full body routines that reduces fat over all your body including those problem areas.

How to lose belly fat in a short time

Detox – It’s important to periodically cleanse our bodies of toxins that can cause us to get sick and gain unnecessary weight. We are constantly being invaded by these toxins which can attack us through the foods we eat and drink, the air we breathe, and things we touch. By doing a regular system flush every three to four months we will make our bodies work more efficiently and lose weight in the process. Eat foods that are seasonal and local to your area.

Forming healthy habits by becoming more active throughout the day. If you are working at at desk job, take regular breaks and go outside for a walk. Get a co-worker to join you. This will make it more enjoyable. I did a two mile walk on my lunch breaks at work and came back refreshed.

Exercise using HIIT (high intensity interval training) – Start doing a regular exercise routine that includes higher intensity interval training. This is the fastest way to shed unwanted weight. By increasing the pace for a short time – anywhere from thirty seconds to two minutes and then return to normal speed – you are increasing the intensity of your workout. You will burn more calories this way.

Dietary changes – Do an assessment of your diet by keeping a food journal for a few days. You would be surprised at the amount of junk we nosh on throughout the day. Cut all those foods that are causing you to gain weight and replace them with healthy snacks like nuts and fruits. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates – breads, chips, sugary drinks and increase the amount of protein and good fats you eat at your regular meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hydration – I find that when I drink more water, I have better control of what I eat during the day. Our bodies need to be hydrated regularly during the day. This keeps us cool and helps with processing the foods we eat, and flushing our kidneys.

Rest/de-stress – We must give our bodies the proper rest and recovery it needs to operate correctly. We can’t party like we did as young people. Seven to eight hours of sleep is an adequate amount. In addition to rest, we must recognize the stressors in our lives and control them so they won’t cause you to gain weight. That’s right . . . undue stress will lead to weight gain. One way to control stress is to make time to meditate for fifteen to twenty minutes morning and evening. Formulate a plan to get rid of the cause(s) of your stress.

Intermittent fasting – I practice this form of eating whereby I get all may calories during a certain eight-hour window each the day. Also, if possible, don’t eat three hours before going to bed. Eating and going to bed shortly after interrupts the quality of our sleep and negatively affects our digestion.

We all know how to do it but doing correctly and consistently is another thing. Get a mentor – a personal trainer or an experienced exerciser who will help you get results.

These are by no means a complete list of things we can do in the short- term but it’s a good start. Use them as a base to develop your own methods of shedding unwanted weight and get fit in the process.

Here is a quick-start system to jump start your new year resolution. It’s called the Flat Belly Fix. Check it out now.

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