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Lose weight according to your body type not some random diet

These days it seems that we are all trying to lose weight. And I commend all those who are trying since the result of excessive weight can be serious health issues . . . especially as we age. As part of the baby ‘boomer generation’ I too am also aware of the consequences of being overweight and am doing what I can to maintain a healthful weight.

What is the proper weight for you?

We are all unique in our own way – personality, looks, mannerisms, etc. – and also in our bodily make-up. Some of us are big boned while others are naturally slim, tall, short, or have a larger frame.

Because of these differences we must all approach weight loss in a way that’s unique to us.

It has to be based on how your body works. You know your capabilities and how you feel and react better than a doctor, your family, or friends.

Here are 9 factors that determine how we lose weight . . .

  • Metabolism – Do you have a fast burning metabolism; that is, does your body digest or process foods quickly or are you a slow burner? There are ways to increase your rate of metabolism if you are a slow burner – such as eating the right foods for your body type to increase your body’s furnace. Another way to increase your metabolism is to change up your exercise routine to include more HIIT type movements – sprinting instead of steady state cardio, using a jump rope, battle ropes, or boxing. These types of exercises will cause your body to increase your calorie burning capacity.

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  • I cannot stress the importance of getting proper rest. While you are sleeping your body is processing the foods from the past day. If you are not giving yourselves the needed rest you are upsetting this natural process.
  • Family history – your weight may be determined by your family’s history. Some of us are more prone to have a larger, denser frame because that’s the make-up of our family.
  • Our ethnicity can also have an effect on what should be a proper weight for you. Blacks, in general, have a higher bone density than Caucasians and Asians and as a consequence are prone to be obese if they eat foods not suited for their body type. Certain groups of Hispanics and the Asian-Pacific population have smaller frames and bone density and must eat according to their family and ethnic background.
  • How we were raised as children – if you were fed an unhealthy diet as a child it will impact your bodily makeup. The unfortunate fact is that many obese children grow up to be obese adults. Losing weight for these people will require a mindset change to include learning how to eat properly and a willingness to do it.
  • Physical health – Your current health status will impact how you lose weight. If you have any pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease you will be putting yourself in danger by starting any physical activity without getting clearance from your doctor. It may take longer for those in this group to lose weight but persistence will pay off.
  • Sex – In general women gain weight differently than men. Women tend to have jiggly hips and thighs, and higher body fat. Men, on the other hand, gain weight in their mid-section. Knowing how weight is distributed on your body will help you lose weight the right way. Because men tend to be more muscular than women it is easier for them to lose weight. For women to lose weight effectively, it is important to do more resistance exercises such as bench press, squats, shoulder presses and dead lifts. Don’t be afraid of doing them.
  • Demographics – Many of us don’t live near gym or can’t afford a health club membership or even to eat a healthier diet. This should not be a barrier to losing weight. Certain body-weight exercises can be just as effective as lifting weights. If you have access to the internet or know the person down the road who is into health you can learn how to do the best exercises for shedding fat.
  • How active you are – Your lifestyle is a major determinant in how you go about losing weight. If you tend to be inactive during your day – whether at work or home – and have gained excessive weight, it’s time to get started on a consistent workout routine to get rid of the excess flab. Find a good personal trainer who can guide your training and give good advice on the types of foods to eat for better health and fitness. If you are active and are still gaining weight then it’s time to change up your routine.

If you are a slow burner then drink a detoxing tea each day. It can get rid of the junk in your system.

What is your body type?

As you can see from the partial list above losing weight is not all about going on a diet. It’s knowing your body type and what may have led to weight gain.

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