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Personal fitness has been a part of my make-up for many years . . . long before I became a Personal Trainer (PT). Like most of you I played various sports as a youngster – softball, cricket, basketball, soccer – and although I was never one of the elite players it instilled in me the need to get better.

I found out from my research over the years that this need to get better is one of the driving forces that has helped propel many average athletes to excel. It’s this same need that motivates me to maintain and even improve my level of fitness and good health each day.

Impact of diabetes on my family

My interest in health and fitness grew which led to me become a PT. Part of my reason for doing so was directly linked to the fact that there is an ongoing problem of uncontrolled blood sugar in my family. It has killed and maimed and subjected many to a lifetime of dependency on drugs. I feel that many of these tragedies could have been prevented if the issue of poor blood sugar control was detected early enough. If it was, then the right plan of action could have saved lives.

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in this country and I am sure you’ve seen its effect in your family or circle of friends. The two best ways to deal with this killer disease is using proper dietary guidelines and doing a consistent activity program at least five days per week.

Military training

My military training instilled a discipline in me that has been a driving force most of my life. It reinforced the need to set goals and accomplish them. This is what a good personal trainer must do for their clients – help them set and accomplish attainable targets as safely as possible.

Importance of good form and technique

Like many new ‘gym goers’ I remember starting a workout program years ago and having no idea what I was doing. As a consequence, I picked up poor workout techniques. It took pain and pointers from other trainers to correct my improper training methods . . . over time.

My gym caters to new as well as experience exercisers, and not to the ‘grunters’ training for the strongman competition. As a PT and a fellow exerciser, I see and regularly correct so many bad forms and techniques while working out that I was compelled to start these blog posts. I urge beginners and experienced exercisers to learn to use proper form while exercising. It can be the difference between pain and quality of life.

And although I focus on preventing pre-diabetes in my weekly posts, the lessons I discuss can be applied to anyone who want to get healthy.

I have also condensed many of my blog posts into an instructional manual that teaches you how to avoid diabetes and its debilitating effects. It tells you how to recognize the symptoms of poor blood sugar control, what are the risk factors of pre-diabetes, tests to take that help gauge your blood sugar. And most importantly, how to reverse pre-diabetes.

Go here to get a copy now.

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