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I wrote this post to help me target healthier habits and addictions in my everyday life. Use it as a guide to fix your health.

What’s the difference between habits and addictions? And how do they relate to preventing pre-diabetes?

There is a subtle/cloudy difference between these two behaviors . . . but first let’s define them.

Addiction can be defined as a mental disease that affects the body, causing someone to develop a compulsive behavior like using drugs, gambling, becoming addicted to nicotine, sex, sugar or even exercising or wanting to lose weight because they think they are too fat. Addictions like these are serious problems and, often, will need professional help. They are not necessarily choices but a physical need that must be satisfied.

Habits on the other hand are based on choices and are a result of doing something over and over. The more we do something the more our brain and body does it without thinking.

Thumb sucking is a habit that can last for years until the thumb sucker is either so embarrassed that they take matters into their own hands and quit or get professional counseling.

In some instances, the difference can be very subtle. For example, smoking can be considered a habit but we can also become addicted to nicotine. We can become addicted to exercising but we can also develop the exercise habit.

Other examples of habits would be getting up at 5 am every day or having a morning beverage (coffee/tea), crossing your legs a certain way, going to bed at 8:00 pm, exercising six days each week, biting your nails . . . and the list goes on.

We are all addicted to something – Some of our addictions are good and help us get ahead in our daily life – eating right, exercising, reading – while others are harmful . . . like those mentioned above.

Use habits and addictions to prevent pre-diabetes

Many people who are heading to full-blown diabetes are either overweight or obese. The major cause of these conditions is an addiction to sugar and excess eating. To fix these you will need to start making proper choices such as . . .

Recognizing the poor health cravings that are sabotaging your life. Replace them with healthy choices such as eating natural whole foods instead of snacking on junk.

And keeping a food journal for a period of time. You will be amazed at the amount of poor food choices we make each day. This will give you a clearer picture of what is sabotaging your diet.

You will also need to start an exercise program to make your body work better. This too can become a habit or an addiction.  I think bodybuilders are addicted to pumping iron whereas the everyday guys like myself have developed the exercise habit.

To help you develop the exercise habit, seek out the help of a good personal trainer who will explain and demonstrated various exercises. If you are intimidated by large gym facilities then make a space at home for your personal gym.

There will be challenges each and every day but just like you develop other habits . . .  you can succeed in becoming a workout fanatic by doing it often.

To help you overcome any setbacks always keep in mind the complications of diabetes and how it can devastate your life. Doing dialysis three times per week for the rest of your days can’t a good thing and neither is losing a leg. All the result of poor blood control.

In my opinion, preventing pre-diabetes requires you taking charge of your health. It’s not up to your spouse, your mom or dad, or your best friend. Its’s a personal choice that you must make for yourself. There is no need to make it an addiction but you will benefit by making it a daily habit.

Since habits are formed by doing something repeatedly, start replacing your poor habits with good ones. For example, take up the exercise habit to replace sitting in front of the TV. You can start with as little as fifteen minutes each day and build up to the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control) recommended weekly amount of 150 minutes.

Visit How to Prevent Pre-diabetes today for more information on starting and workout program. Check out the Halki Diabetes Remedy below which will give you some quick tips to control your blood sugar.


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