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Reversing pre-diabetes naturally requires a lifestyle change that focuses on controlling what you eat (the types and amount) and an ability to get rid of excess sugar from your blood. In this post I want to highlight the differences between taking medication to control blood sugar and doing so naturally . . . or putting a band-aid on it instead of fixing it.

The down sides of medical dependency include . . . 

  • As pointed out above, taking prescription medicines will only mask the symptoms and causes of this disease. Medication gives you license to eat poor quality foods and live a sedentary lifestyle which will lead to long-term complications later.
  • Financial burden placed on the entire healthcare system, because of diabetes, as of 2012 was $ 245 billion. That was seven years ago. With the increasing numbers of diagnosed cases of pre-diabetes and full-blown diabetes that number went up to $ 317 billion in 2017, as per the American Diabetes Association. It will be fast approaching half a trillion dollars to treat a disease that could have been attacked in its early stages. The bulk of the expenses are from hospital care and medication to treat complications.
  • The cost to the individual is also increasing. The portion of individual medical expenses paid for diabetic medication is in the neighborhood of $ 10,000 per year. Drug companies salivate every time another person is diagnosed.
  • We can become dependent on the medications. A close family member gets in a panic state if she forgets her medication when she goes out.
  • Medications have side effects including – making your  blood sugar too low (hypoglycemia), stomach problems, bloating, diarrhea, itching and even weight gain.

Reversing pre-diabetes naturally

Reversing pre-diabetes naturally puts you in charge of your health. By carefully following a program to keep your blood sugar in the normal range you are able to avoid the downsides of being dependent on the medical system.

The obvious benefits are . . .

  • Less costs to our healthcare system
  • More money in your wallet
  • Improve health
  • No dependency on medications
  • Lose weight without special diets

You are reducing the need for your body to produce excess leptin and insulin. These hormones help regulate your hunger and makes it easier for sugar to get into your  body’s cells for energy. When you control your blood sugar naturally you are allowing your body to function more efficiently.

How to reverse pre-diabetes without medication

Your first step in reversing pre-diabetes naturally is to visit with your healthcare provider to get a status of your current health. A good one will lay out a recovery plan like the one I recommend . . .

Start a food journal. A journal will help you identify the foods that are good for you.  Make note of how you feel after eating certain foods. If it makes you feel poorly then avoid these. Remember ‘you don’t live to eat . . . you eat to live’.

Learn to consume your meals smarter – eating the right foods, at the right time, in the right proportions.

Start a daily activity program to include the three parts of working out – flexibility, cardio and resistance. A personal trainer can get you started. Your exercise program should boost fat burning . . . and build muscles.

If you are prescribed medications then take them with your end goal of weaning yourself off them as soon as possible.

Sugar comes under many different names . . . learn to spot it by reading product labels on packaged foods.

Last, but just as important, is to learn how to reduce stress and get quality rest and recovery from your day’s activities.

Get my revised e-book “How to Prevent Pre-diabetes” for more information on naturally avoiding the complications of this disease.

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