On the same wavelength: Halle has a close relationship with trainer, who has been a fixture on her social media for some time now

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Halle Berry should be a model of success to anyone who is either pre-diabetic, type two diabetic or type one diabetic. She was diagnosis as a type one diabetic in 1989 and is living proof that eating right and staying fit with exercises can be your best weapon against this disease.

Who is Hale Berry? 

Although she is 52 years of age, she looks like she could be in her thirties. And in spite of the problems that come with being insulin dependent she still lives an active and dynamic lifestyle.

In addition to being a highly acclaimed actress she is also a model, a mom, a wife and an activist. She is an active volunteer of Juvenile Diabetes Association charity and is always in demand as a talk show guest.

Type one diabetes, also known juvenile diabetes – because it usually starts in the pre-teen age and for which they must be treated for the rest of their lives – is a condition where the pancreas does not produce insulin. Because of this care must be taken to monitor sugar levels continuously throughout the day. Although it’s not curable it can be managed with careful attention to diet and maintaining a consistent activity program. This is what Berry does. The key for her is the avoidance of sugar at all cost.

The effects of sugar on our bodies

Just a couple hundred years ago our daily sugar consumption was about 18 pounds per person per year. In the early 1900’s our annual intake jumped to 90 pounds and the latest numbers, as of 2018, shows that we consume on average 150 pounds per person each year. Is it any wonder that we are experiencing so many sugar related illnesses . . . from rotten teeth to diabetes and obesity that is out of control in our Western Society?

How does she take care of herself?

Berry credits clean eating as one of the main contributors to her healthy lifestyle. She limits sugar to almost zero and we all know this is not easy since it is hidden in so many of the foods we unknowingly consume.

We must remind ourselves to constantly evaluate all the foods we eat and to be always vigilant for the different names by which sugar is labeled by food manufacturers.

Berry is also an avid exerciser. She has a personal trainer who lays out a program for her and monitors her progress.

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We can do the same. There are many online personal trainers who can prepare a program geared to your needs and countless monitoring tools available online to help you keep track of your progress.

Her routines

Berry trains five days per week for about an hour to an hour and a half. She does a circuit training that includes tire flipping, push-ups, pull ups, sprinting, battle ropes and boxing among other things.

She publishes an Instagram post every Friday where she shows her Friday routine. See if you can keep up.

She also regularly practices mindfulness by doing a daily stretching and meditation routine to which she credits with changing her life and that continues to inspire her to better health, wellness and creativity.

We may not have the kind of lifestyle as Halle Berry however we can all do what she does to keep our sugar level in a manageable range.

Use her as your inspiration to get started on a healthier lifestyle whether you have uncontrolled blood sugar or not.

If you want to try some of the exercises Halle Berry does then visit How to Prevent Pre-diabetes for a cross-sampling of different workouts to help you improve your blood sugar level.

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