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Have you been feeling tired lately, and lacking the energy to power you through your day? I know that I have great days when I am full of energy and ready to take on whatever the day throws my way and then I have days when I just don’t have it. What gives?

Why we lose our energy and vitality

There are several reasons why we lose our vitality and are constantly fatigue. Here are six common reasons that I am sure has affected many of you at one time or another . . .

Age – As I get older, I find that my energy levels are not what they use to be. Long gone are those days when I would come home from work and take the dog for a run and go to the gym for an evening workout in addition to spending time with my family.

Along with the aging process comes many ailments – such as bad knees or bad back or stiff shoulder. I am well familiar with these ailments because I have suffered from each one at varying times.

Stress affects us in many ways, one of which is to sap our energy flows. We cannot sustain a stressful state for long periods because it drains your body of nutrients need for energy such as B vitamins – folate, riboflavin, biotin, thiamin – and the draining effects of the fight or flight hormone (cortisol).

Also, when you are anxious it affects your sleep patterns which in turn depletes our energy.

Stress can cause us to over-eat, especially the wrong foods, and this has a negative impact on our metabolism which affects our energy and vitality.

Injuries or sickness – The pain and suffering we experience from an injury – sprain ankle, sore shoulder or back strains, etc. – will deplete our energy reserves because our bodies will need this energy to heal itself.

Medications – Certain meds. will negatively impact your energy levels. Discuss with your primary care physician how you are feeling and what effect certain prescriptions might have on your body.

Hormones and glandular issues – In line with the negative effects of medications is the impact of hormonal changes and poor functioning glands – including the thyroid and adrenal glands. Check with your doctor who can run test to determine if your energy level is affected by poor hormones.

Retirement – When you are finished with your working years it can be a good thing or it can work to your downfall . . . health-wise. You might find yourself becoming sedentary – watching too much TV or indulging in poor health practices.

The effects of low energy

A lack of energy is almost like a slow death. You feel lethargic and all you want to do is sit and watch TV all day or pick lint out of your navel. Nothing seems to get you going. If you don’t get over this feeling it will only lead to weight gain and the potential for poor health-related issues such as diabetes, heart ailments, cancers.

A major effect of low energy is a lack of motivation. The mind is willing but the body is not. If you’ve ever been to the gym for a workout but your body is telling you ‘not today’, listen to your body. This is a sign of fatigue. I have gone to the gym and had to turn right around and go home.

Lack of vital energy has the potential to cause your metabolism to slow down. The food you ate last night is still sitting in your belly partially digested because you’re not moving.

Slows our thinking process – Low energy also affects our mood and thinking. Ever notice when you stay up late at night to finish a project your thinking is not as clear as when you are refreshed from rest. This is the effect of low energy. It will also put you in a depressed mood where you just don’t feel like doing anything.

Six things you can do to increase your energy starting today

Here are six strategies you can start doing right now to regain your energy and vitality . . .

Join a group/organization that encourages activity – church, bike club, recreational swim club, table tennis team or my favorite . . . a billiards team. They get you out of your comfort zone and gives you opportunities to meet and interact with other people.

I find that getting a good night’s rest revitalizes me the following day. For me 7 hours is a good night. For those of you who only get 4 or 5 hours consistently, you are setting yourself up for serious health issues later in your life.

I have written on the pitfalls of poor diet but it bears mentioning again. If you are consistently eating foods that’s are not supplying proper nutrients and in the right amounts you will suffer from poor vitality. Seek out foods that are easily digested and won’t put undue stress on your body.

I practice a unique form of meditation every day and it has been a blessing to my well-being. I would recommend you try doing the same. It will help relieve stressful situations and renews you energy reserves.

I supplement my diet by taking a multi-vitamin along with additional supplements every day and I believe it is having a positive effect on my energy.

Part of the reason for penning this blog post is the impact exercising has had on my body.

In the past, I over did it and as a consequence suffered injuries and other problems. These days I don’t do as much and the difference in the way I feel is awesome. Do a reassessment of your exercise routines and get rid of any unnecessary exercises. Focus on those that benefit your overall health. Stop beating up yourself.

Energy teas – I believe in the power of certain herbs on our bodies. For some it’s coffee two or three times a day. I find teas to be more effective at energizing me. I have at least two cups every day. I recommend you give it a try. You might find yourself switching teas for your coffee.

Visit Red Tea for more information on energizing teas I drink every day.

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